President’s Note

Greetings, Members of the Junior League of Fayetteville,

It is my distinct honor to serve as the President of the Junior League of Fayetteville for the 2023-2025 league year. Thank you for entrusting me with this position as your leader, visionary, and servant. The Junior League aims to advance women’s leadership through volunteerism, training, and collaboration. We are all a part of this movement that will make a far more significant impact in our community than we could ever do on our own. Helen Keller once said, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”; which is a testament to our work.

The Junior League of Fayetteville has a rich history in the local community by providing aid for projects and non-profit organizations. On a broader scale, the Association of Junior League International has significantly impacted cultivating female leaders ranging from State Chief Justices to First Ladies of the United States. We are all a part of that rich history, becoming leaders who will make an impact, whether amongst our family and friends or on a national scale; every facet of leadership is essential.

Mary Harriman founded the Junior League to create an effective response to New York City’s growing home insecurity issue, a problem that has unfortunately transcended time. Fayetteville suffers from this epidemic, with many veterans living without a proper home. Food and home insecurity are some of the most significant issues I want to tackle as President. This also creates an opportunity for us to return to our roots and address a concern that laid the foundation for this organization’s establishment.

This is an exciting time to commit to the League as I am more encouraged than ever by our current social and economic climate to continue to uphold the Junior League’s distinguished legacy of service and acting as an essential component of the local community. The League can’t accomplish these feats without the effort of each active, provisional, and sustaining member, so I am calling on each one of you to commit, in whatever capacity your time, talent and treasure will allow, to making this organization’s vision a reality and upholding the virtues of this esteemed organization. Our community needs us now more than ever; let’s do this together!

Thank you,

Tamara Bryant
President, 2023-2025