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The Junior League of Fayetteville (JLF) works with local organizations and agencies to develop and implement volunteer-based programs that fulfill both our mission and focus statement is to strive to assist in the prevention of homelessness and food insecurity and related concerns affecting children and families in our communities. JLF provides program support to select community organizations by providing trained volunteers and funding.

In an effort to bring awareness and support to homelessness, the JLF has implemented the “Community Impact Grant.” The JLF believes that children are our community’s most important resource and recognizes that their mental well-being is impacted by poor nutrition, lack of proper rest, overwhelming pressure in school and at home, and depression, to name only a few. Our objective is to help foster a healthy community environment that educates our membership, raises community awareness and employs advocacy efforts to facilitate continual dialogue with community leaders regarding the health needs of children and families in Cumberland County.

We believe joining our more than 100 volunteers together with dedicated local community partners committed to the same goals, can bring awareness to the mental health and well-being of families in our area by:

  • Educating membership and enhancing community awareness
  • Engaging families, community leaders and specialists in critical dialogues
  • Providing opportunities for area children and their families to be informed of available resources

If you are seeking support for programs that benefit and support our homeless population and childhood mental health initiative for the families of Cumberland County, please review the attached guidelines. The application and program summary form must be received by the deadline, so that we may evaluate the potential partnership between the JLF and your organization.

Partnership Opportunities

In 2009 after completing extensive research and community assessment, the JLF voted to dedicate the majority of its volunteer and financial resources to support efforts that address the issue of childhood mental health in our community.

The Junior League of Fayetteville is seeking to partner with community organizations for which it can provide trained volunteers and funds in at least one of three ways:

  • Collaborate on the development of a long-term initiative that has measurable outcomes or partner on existing projects.
  • Provide monetary support and trained volunteers to supplement an existing project(s). The project must include a variety of specific volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide trained volunteers for short-term assistance on projects through our Done-In-A-Day program. Such as: providing on-site support during a community event, hosting a drive for needed items, or assisting with a specific short-term project for a larger initiative.

*Please note that JLF members cannot raise funds on behalf of our community partners. Additionally, JLF will not consider proposals from individuals, political organizations for political purposes, religious organizations for religious purposes, capital funds or endowment fund drives.

Partnership Criteria

JLF invites organizations and local agencies with a 501 (c) (3) status to submit the attached preliminary application requesting volunteer assistance (required) and/or monetary support for the development and/or implementation of a volunteer-based program that will address child mental health issues/needs within Cumberland County. Proposals will be evaluated according to the following general criteria:

  • Impact: Ability to significantly serve the needs of our community
  • Strength of Partnership: Ability for the organization to operate in conjunction with JLF
  • Quality: Proposals must outline a well-managed plan for a proposed volunteer project
  • Opportunity: Degree to which the project provides involvement of JLF volunteers (this is a requirement)
  • Interest: Potential appeal to JLF Membership

Upon review of the preliminary applications, JLF will identify a group of finalist organizations who will then present their proposal to the CR/PD Committee and any other interested League members. Supplemental documents may be requested if the JLF selects your project.

Project Policies

  • Only projects that do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color or national origin will be considered.
  • The project proposal must demonstrate an organized structure with clear measurable goals and objectives toward a specific purpose.
  • Every project must utilize JLF volunteers in an effective way relative to the size and needs of the organization. JLF will not sponsor a project unless it provides opportunities for service by its members. Those opportunities must be clearly defined in the project proposal. Our service calendar runs from June 1- May 30.
  • All funding will be given on the basis of reimbursement only. Reimbursements will be given only for prior approved allocated monies. For reimbursements, we only accept computer-generated receipts and or bank-canceled checks.
  • The project must not duplicate the efforts of other community organizations/agencies. If a long-term project is accepted, JLF and the sponsor/partner organization will enter into an agreement, subject to a review of program effectiveness and operation.
  • All accepted projects must demonstrate the potential for financial self-sufficiency following JLF involvement.
  • All accepted projects must address a critical community need by expanding or creating services and offering significant community impact.
  • The project is of interest to Junior League of Fayetteville volunteers. Adequate JLF staffing must be available.
  • The project must offer high-quality volunteer placements.
  • The project must offer the possibility of interfacing with other agencies and funding sources.
  • Shall be cost-effective and a good community investment.
  • Focuses on direct service activities. Requests for equipment, food, office supplies, etc. will only be considered to the extent that they are directly related to providing a service. Examples of direct service activities include workbooks for tutorial programs, kitchen equipment to prepare meals for the poor, and buildings to house homeless families. No more than Ten percent (10%) of any money granted may be used for management and general expenses. Requests for office rent, salaries, utilities, or other administrative items related to management and general expenses exceeding the allowable amount are not eligible.
  • The project must increase JLF visibility in the community.
  • Requests for fundraising, sectarian religious projects, capital campaigns, and scholarships are not eligible.
  • Provides evidence of 501(c)(3) status or written evidence that the funds will be used for charitable, educational or similar purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and consistent with the Junior League of Fayetteville’s tax-exempt status.
  • The sponsoring organization must provide proof of insurance coverage for any claims that might arise due to JLF involvement with the project and name the JLF as an additional insured party on such policies.

If you have questions, please contact the Junior League Office at 910-323-5509 or e-mail Marian Gore at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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