About Us

The Junior League of Fayetteville is a community volunteer organization with over 400 local volunteers.  We began as a Junior Service League in 1960 and became the Junior League of Fayetteville in 1977.  Junior League of Fayetteville volunteers partner with various agencies to effect change in area of child health and welfare.  The Junior League of Fayetteville is a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), which has 290 member Junior Leagues and 160,000 members internationally. 


The Junior League of Fayetteville will strive to assist in the prevention of homelessness and food insecurity and related concerns affecting children and families in our communities.


Fostering a rewarding and welcoming environment for women, the Junior League of Fayetteville's membership will use its training, education, and expertise to address community issues through voluntarism.  The Junior League of Fayetteville will be the organization to which the community turns for resources, knowledge, and funding.


The Junior League of Fayetteville recognizes that the health and welfare of our society depends on the health and welfare of its children.  We commit our programs, projects, and advocacy to ensuring children ages 0 to 18 have the opportunity and services essential to their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well being.

Former Presidents

Askin, Sharon

Lewis, Michelle

Stewart, Sarah Marie

Bryan, Barbara

Little, Pam

Tatum, Scotti

Bryant, Elaine

Luongo, Monica

Waren, Sandee

Byrd, Leonna

Melton, Phyllis

Warner, Julie

Baker, Mary Esther Martin

Mills, LaJuan

Williamson, Jane

Copeland, Joanne

Monroe, Patti

Wofford, Lucy

Crassweller, Claudia

Nimocks, Anne

Kimrey, Meleaha

Courie, Michelle

Olive, Ann

Debnam, Alisa

Philbrick, Linda

Edge, Kensley

Pittman, Dellmarie

Elliott, Teresa

Player, Margaret Ann Riddle

Geoly, Shannon

Sherrill, Kelly

Grannis, Winnie

Quigg, Carol

Harris, Noel

Reed, Melissa M.

Haugh, Mary Flagg

Richardon, Barbara

Hill, Claire

Rogers, Libby

Kelly, Rosalie

Rose, Virginia

Kinsey, Sheila

Runkle, Marie

Koonce, Conne

Shereff, Susan

Koonce, Sharon

Shirley Blauser, Lisa

Lancaster, Carolyn

Short, Carol

Lewis, Linda

Stewart, Mary